1998 Honda CRV Spare Tire Size

In this article, we will dive into the depths of the 1998 Honda CRV spare tire size and reveal everything you need to know. The Honda CRV has been one of the most popular and reliable SUVs on the market for decades. The 1998 model is particularly beloved for its classic design and robust build. However, one question that many CRV owners have is about the spare tire size for this model.

The 1998 Honda CRV Spare Tire Size

1998 Honda CRV Spare Tire Size

When it comes to the 1998 Honda CRV spare tire size, the answer is quite simple. The size of the spare tire for this model is a T135/80D15 99M. This indicates that the tire has a diameter of 15 inches, an aspect ratio of 80%, and a width of 135 millimeters.

In addition, the aspect ratio of the tire is temporary. This tire has a load index of 99, which indicates that it has the capacity to handle a maximum weight of 1,709 pounds. The letter “M” that comes at the very end of the code denotes that the tire has a maximum speed rating of 81 miles per hour.

Why is the Spare Tire Size Important?

1998 Honda CRV Spare Tire Size

It is essential to understand the dimensions of your spare tire for a number of different reasons. In the event of an unexpected breakdown, it guarantees that you will have a spare tire of the appropriate dimensions.If you ever find yourself with a flat tire, having the correct 1998 Honda CRV spare tire size can save you time and money. Additionally, using a spare tire that is not the correct size can damage your vehicle’s transmission, differential, and other components.

What Happens if I Use a Different Size Spare Tire?

1998 Honda CRV Spare Tire Size

If you use the correct 1998 Honda CRV spare tire size, you run the risk of damaging your vehicle’s components. For instance, if you use tires that are too small for your vehicle, the vehicle will sit lower, which places additional strain on the suspension and the transmission.

When a wheel well is used with a tire that is too large for the wheel well, rubbing can occur, which can cause damage to the tire as well as to other components.

Where Can I Find a T135/80D15 99M Tire?

1998 Honda CRV Spare Tire Size

The T135/80D15 99M spare tire is a standard size that can be purchased at virtually any tire store or from any internet retailer that sells tires. When looking for a replacement tire for your vehicle, it is important to search for one that has the same load index and speed rating as the tire it will be replacing.

This will ensure that the tire can be used without risk on your vehicle. It is essential to keep in mind that the T135/80D15 99M tire is a temporary tire that should not be driven on for an extended period of time because it is not intended for this purpose.

Final Thought

In conclusion, the 1998 Honda CRV spare tire size is a T135/80D15 99M. Knowing the correct size spare tire is essential for ensuring your safety on the road and avoiding costly damage to your vehicle’s components. If you ever need to replace your spare tire, be sure to purchase one with the same load index and speed rating as the original tire. With this knowledge, you can hit the road with confidence, knowing that you are prepared for any emergency that may arise.

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